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El cuento (Our Story)

Love, Grief, Adventure...But make it fashion

 The birth of lovefool:

Luz (which translates to "light" in Spanish) is the wonderful muse and also the start of this journey.

Luz was the light of my life to say the least.

I was taught that style didn't have to be expensive or brand new.

when she transcended in July 2020 I was left with her collection along with my own and the joke was made...

"you should open a shop"... and so I did.

It started from too many treasures in my little nest for me to handle to embracing and curating pieces.

With fast fashion costing lives and the planet, Ive been eager to share my  selection of fashion goods to prove fashion could be sustainable. this shop includes stunning pieces for every occasion, size or budget. I go far and beyond to curate unique and extraordinary fashion. I'm so happy to be the extended little ray of sunshine and be able to share with the world what we did best together.

          My name is Jas and I am the Lovefool for all these pieces.

Feel free to browse the collections and get in touch if you need any assistance. Happy Finds!

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